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Mexico Vacations Surfing and Water Activities

Wind & Waves!

The beach in Melaque has a good breaking wave that's quite close to shore, making it ideal for skim-boarding & windsurfing enthusiasts.

Just a short paddle away is Barra de Navidad, where a regular small set of waves accumulates within 150 yards of the shoreline, making for a great, easy afternoon of surfing.

When you're waiting for the wind to pick up, stop and have some refreshments at the beachside restaurants in Barra.

Snorkeling, Surfing and other Water Sports around Melaque

The entrance of the Navidad Lagoon has the best surfing around Melaque. The vacation resort area provides the surfers with plenty of big waves and hours of surfing or boogie boarding every day. Down a couple of bays, you can also surf at El Ranchito or go north to La Manzanilla and Boca de Iguanas. Check the surfing reports every day to find out where the big waves are for some great adventures on the water. .

Boating on the Pacific Ocean in a rented boat or one that has a tour guide to point out interesting sights and tell interesting stories, always leaves you feeling relaxed and content. If the ocean seems a bit large, try a boat tour at some of the Lagoons in the area. Beautiful waters and wildlife will surround you as the boat passes by some beautiful sights.

If Mexican deep-sea-fishing is your sport, try fishing for red snappers, sailfish and marlin off the shores of Barra de Navidad. You rent the equipment and the boat from locals for an all day excursion. If fishing happens to suit you, Melaque has many charters available with expert guides to help you land that big fish. Catch the fish and have your picture taken as you come off the boat with the one that did not get away.

Snorkeling around the white coral reef located by Tenacatita is extraordinary as you swim around the water and see some of the marine life that stays close to the white coral reef. You have seen expeditions on television, and when you visit Melaque, you can experience all the great sights under water for yourself. Some of the most colorful marine life lives by the white coral reef.

Whale and Dolphin watching is an experience of a lifetime as you set out on a Mexican tour boat to sit and watch the beautiful and intelligent Humpback whales jump and swim around in their natural habitat. The whales come closer to shore during the winter months and have been witnessed by many who come away in total amazement. When visiting this vacation resort community, you must enjoy the sea life.

Windsurfing has become a popular water activity in Mexico as people set their sails, glide across the waters, and experience the warm sea breeze that takes them from one side of the community to the other without stopping. Enjoy a day out on the ocean and enjoy a wonderful experience of wind surfing.