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Mexico Vacation Dining

Restaurants in the Local Area of Melaque

Melaque, Mexico has some excellent dining for every taste. If you like BBQ chicken the Restaurante Paty in downtown Barra has BBQ chicken to die for, as some say. Some of the local restaurants set up little eateries at the central market in Melaque, which also has a fish stall where you pick your fish and take it across the street to Juanita’s for cooking.

On the beach of Melaque, you will find the restaurant Maya for some fine dining as you sit and look out over the ocean. If the beachfront dining experience suits you, try the far end of the beach for some Italian food at Pelicanos. If you want a restaurant for dining and live entertainment, the Restaurante AVA offers great food and mariachi music at night.

Main Street in Barra de Navidad offers many restaurants and at night the nightlife springs into action at some of the finest little clubs in town. Piper Lovers Blues Bar and Grill offers great food and live entertainment Wednesday through Sunday featuring the blues to rock. Play a game of pool or sit and look out over the bay as you relax with a special drink make just right for your taste.

Authentic Mexican Cuisine, Entertainment and Nightclubs

Located on the beach of Melaque, Bigotes offers a bar and restaurant for everyone’s pleasure. The afternoon Bingo games on Wednesday’s and Friday’s are great for all those looking for some relaxation and a little excitement. The ever so popular Vago’s and Chumiz Surfos offers a home to all of the visitors staying in this vacation resort area of Mexico. They keep you up to date on all the surfing reports as well.

A great place to get real homemade Mexican tacos is at Taqueria Taco Surf. Dine outside and enjoy the passing of visitors as they walk from one end of the city to the other, enjoying all the little shops and clubs offering live entertainment including traditional dancing at La Terraza out on the terrace one night a week.

Melaque vacation resort town offers all the traditional clubs and restaurants in Mexico. Traditional Mexican cuisine and mariachi music are the main themes you will encounter. One receives all the special treatments of being a tourist while enjoying the life in a Mexican tourist destination. With all the different types of restaurants and nightclubs in the area, you will be sure to have a great time while visiting Melaque down in Mexico and the surrounding Jalisco area.