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Mexican Dental Work

Medical Dental Work is 80% cheaper than the U.S. & Canada!

Procedure US Prices Our Prices Lab Fees Total Savings
Bleaching, Chemical, per Arch $400 $80 $0 80%
Bleaching, Laser $1,100 $300 $0 73%
Bone Graft, Synthetic Material $900 $500 $80 46%
Bridge, 3-Unit Porcelain on Base Metal $3,000 $1,020 $180 55%
Bridge, 3-Unit Porcelain on Gold $3,800 $1,200 $400 68%
Valplast Removable Bridge $1,100 $350 $120 68%
Cleaning $120 $60 $0 50%
Crown, Porcelain on Base Metal $1,100 $350 $50 59%
Crown or Veneer, Metal-Free Porcelain on Zirconium $1,500 $395 $105 66%
Crown, Porcelain on Gold $1,400 $380 $120 65%
Temporary Denture, per Arch $900 $400 $180 46%
Partial Denture, per Arch $1,400 $400 $180 50%
Denture, Upper or Lower $1,800 $900 $180 40%
Denture Secured with Implants, MDI Lower arch $12,000 $3,800 $250 66%
MDI Upper Arch, based on 6 Mini Implants $17,000 $4,200 $250 74%
Extraction $120 $60 $0 50%
Surgical Extraction $400 $100 $0 75%
Filling, Amalgam, or Tooth Colored $150 $60 $0 60%
Imtec Impant, Including Crown $3,500 $1,600 $95 52%
Inlay $800 $220 $40 68%
Onlay $850 $240 $50 66%
Lab Cast Post and Core $500 $180 $20 64%
Root Canal, Any Tooth $500 - 1,100 $350 $0 30% - 69%
Root Planing, Deep Cleaning, per Quadrant $180 $55 $0 69%
Sinus Lift $2,800 $1,400 $0 50%

* Prices may be slightly higher for cases where your work needs to be done quickly. Normal lab turnaround time is 4 days. The lab charges double their fees for "rush" work that is finished within 24-48 hours for those patients that want their dental work finished quickly.

Dental tourism in conjunction with El Palmar beach and tennis resort

In conjunction with El Palmar beach and tennis resort you can now save up to 80% on the prices of dental work compared to back home in the US & Canada! Services available include: crowns, bridges, veneers, dental implants, now you can have the smile you have always wanted and at a fraction of the cost whilst relaxing done within your 1 to 2 week vacation, all whilst relaxing next to the beach in San Patricio Melaque, Mexico!

"According to the National Coalition on Health Care, more than 500,000 Americans travelled abroad to receive medical and dental work in 2006. And this is not an isolated trend. Dental procedures are a common choice because only about 50 percent of Americans have insurance for such care. And those people who are insured often face stiff dental bills. Insurance plans, typically offered through employers, require patients to pay a significant share of the costs of procedures beyond standard preventive care." -Source: USA Today

"With fewer NHS dentists around and the costs of private treatment rising beyond many patients' means, more and more Britons are having their teeth fixed abroad." - Source: BBC

Dentists can charge from $300 to $400 for a Dental Filling in USA & Europe. Whereas this only costs $20 to $40 in places such a Mexico. A Root Canal is $3,000 in the West but only $100 to $200 in East. Dentures can cost up to $1000 overseas but only around $200 in Mexico.

If you are in need of major dental work, then you will more than likely pay much less for a vavcation package to El Palmar including flights, than you would by staying and having the work done in the US, Canada or Europe.

It may seem daunting thinking about finding a reliable and trustworthy dentist in Mexico for your procedures, but we at El Palmar have taken that worry from you and work with a doctor with excellent credentials and many years experience.

When you book your dental vacation package with El Palmar, you can take advantage of the cheaper prices for dental work available in Melaque that are up to 80% less than you would pay in the US or Canada.