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Top 10 reasons why you should stay at the El Palmar Resort in Melaque

Here is a post from one of your recent guests!

10.  To wait two hours for a meal which you never got to eat at a restaurant because you fell asleep while you were waiting, which, according to John, is considered a cultural experience.

9.  To realize that playing tennis with people you like is much more fun than playing tennis with people who are better than you, especially when you realize that every point is a “Gracias Raul” anyway. 

8.  To commiserate with people from all over the world about the injuries you share in common, only to realize that your only option left is to get a magic shot of plasma from Dr. Rosie.       

7.  To fully understand the true value of a Mexican siesta every day in the afternoon, even though it may mean that you are only able to read one chapter in a book each week.

6.  To listen to one of Paul’s jokes, which may never have a beginning or an end, but you do know that it will take a really long time, and you also know that it will still be really funny because he is just a really fun guy.

5.  To realize that Canadians, Americans, and Mexicans have one common bond, which breaks down all international barriers, which is, of course, our intense hatred of Donald Trump.

4.  To wake up to barking dogs and crowing roosters at 6:30 AM in the morning,  and then finally fall back asleep again, only to realize that you missed the Tennis van which left at 8 AM sharp without you, which is really a drag because the ride in the tennis van is almost more fun than the tennis.     

3.  To be able to eat at La Rana restaurant like you are family, to walk the streets of Melaque late at night without fear, to watch exquisite sunsets every night with a cocktail in your hand, and most of all, to rejoice that the Elvis at Salamanders is finally dead.

2.  To be able to laugh at all of Abdul’s insults and jokes and realize that down deep, he does so because he actually really, really loves us. 

1.To be able to hear crazy stories about each other every year, which brings us back every year, so we can tell the same crazy stories again for only one reason, which is, that we all have become lifelong friends because of the El Palmar Tennis Resort. 

So, raise a toast so we can thank John, Rosie, and Fergie for our second lives here at El Palmar.