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Oso the brave! A dogs tale.

Oso and Gatito enjoying a napOur wonderful boxer, Oso (son of Chato) has hilarious and adorable quirks.  He's an oaf with a handsome face, an unruly tongue, and great personality.  He and the cat, Gatito, usually are best buddies, curling up together for their afternoon siesta and hanging out with our guests.

That all changed when Oso noticed the cat slinking around the bird cage.  For some reason the cat decided the birds looked interesting, not sure why as he never really cared much in past.  Well, Oso was having none of it, he chased Gatito up the stairs and then stood sentry by the birds.  Each time Gatito dared to come back down he was summarily chased back up the stairs.  This went on all afternoon! 

This could have been just a game between the cat and dog but Oso seemed to be taking his care of the birds pretty seriously.

Oso guards the birs