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Magic Show at the Alberque

"Dan the Magician," our guest here at El Palmar Beach Tennis Resort, agreed to give a magic show for the kids at the Mixteca Alberque in Pinal Villa, near Melaque. An evening of card tricks, hat tricks and more.  These kids spend much of their time working alongside their parents in the surrounding fields and evenings are spent in school.  This is a special treat to have a magician come and entertain them!  After the show Dan did a little work, he ground masa for tortillas and handed out apples and oranges to the kids.  Thanks to all of you who had donated time and money over the years to keep the Alberque open; roofs over the families heads, a daily meal, medical services and educational programs for the kids.  Without your support we could never do it!  Want more information?  Contact us at and see more informational videos on our YouTube channel.