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Here is a post from one of your recent guests!

10.  To wait two hours for a meal which you never got to eat at a restaurant because you fell asleep while you were waiting, which, according to John, is considered a cultural experience.

9.  To realize that playing tennis with people you like is much more fun than playing tennis with people who are better than you, especially when you realize that every point is a “Gracias Raul” anyway. 

8.  To commiserate with people from all over the world about the injuries you share in common, only to realize that your only option left is to get a magic shot of plasma from Dr. Rosie.       

Yes, it's that time of the year here in Melaque, Mexico. The weather is the big topic of discussion. People are still enjoying there vacation in Mexico but everything is just a little slower because it's HOT! Mexican schools just got out for their summer break and nationals are heading to the beach in droves. This is a great time to head to Mexico for a summer getaway.

  • Mexico Tennis

Ok, I have to toot my own horn as it were.  This last week my friend from San Francisco, Bud Travers, and myself participated in a seniors doubles tournament at the Guadalajara Country Club.  It was great week of tennis and events.  Of course tennis was the highlight but the cocktail parties, Mariachis’ and folk dancing entertainment, and the awards dinner weren't bad.  I'm sure I saw some paparazzi hanging around!  Bud and I had 6 matches, here comes the horn, and won them all. We were the winners in the 65 year category, although I'm sure we could have held our own against the young bucks.

Thank you everyone for your heart felt messages of concern for us and our “slice of paradise.” Our housekeeper Gladys and her family did a wonderful job of cleaning and restoring after the “night from hell.”

Now comes the major repair work.

My first crew of workers are here from Tamazula, cousins of Rosie. They are starting on the pool, then off to the roof to redo all the damage. Woodworkers are coming on the 19th, I hope! Painters thereafter. No need for trimming the gardens, Hurricane Paticia denuded our plants!

Within a couple of weeks we should be getting close to normal.

Many thanks again from John y Dra. Rosa, Chato, Gatito.

Winter in a Mexican paradise and at a discount. 

Join us in Melaque, Mexico this winter and recieve a 10% if you book your stay before Oct. 30th.  There are only a few days left to take advantage of this great deal.

Sun, surf, sand and margaritas all await on our beach in Mexico.  We hope you join us!

El Palmar Beach & Tennis Resort is located in the picturesque town of Melaque, Mexico. Melaque boasts rich local culture, traditional charm, and sincere, friendly people. Bahia de Navidad, the beachfront bordering Melaque, is home to a number of boutique hotels and accommodations.